Life Record
I divided cats into pet cat and free cat, which means they have 'owners' or not. By recording their living environment to compare their lifestyles.
Compared to free cats, pet cats don't have to worry about their material lives, but their original experience and secrets were emptied as they integrate into human life. The 'freedom' they enjoy in the human environment is artificial. They are becoming dependent on the life we provide for them, their eyes are no longer alive, they are gradually being marginalized.
I am trying to find the balance between people and cats, trying to describe the life between cats and humans, and see the behaviors that humans do from the perspective of cats, in order to understand the world the cats see. I depict cats as human beings, exchange the roles of cats and humans, and give these cats human character, to show how they live as human. They will treat us as we treat them, which allows us to empathize with animals, and blurs the boundary between 'us' and 'them'.
When cats dress up in our clothes and stare at us like humans, we have also become an isolated group.
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